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Wilbur Appel, Jr.

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James Divita

R. Frank and Nicole Fletcher

John Gallo

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John and Darleen Himmelheber

Joseph and Eleanor Hingtgen

Jill E. Hoffman

Ruth Huiterma

Mr, and Mirs. Thomas Husselman

Chas J. and Eugenia A. Jecmen

Jacqueline R. Kesler, Rev. Trust

Joseph A & Debra K. Kriese

Brittany Kugler

Rosemarie Kuntz

Nicholas Lemen

Richard Lugar

Nichole Mathews

Roll McLaughlin

Becky Malkemes

Gregory Mobley

Robert Moeller

Patricia Mohler

Robert Moore

Elizabeth S Neurauter(Gunn)

Elisa Rogowski

Lois Rust

Robert A and Rita S Schilling

Michael Schreyer

Solomon Schwartz

Bill Selm

Brian Senninger

Jo Ellen Sharp

Matthew Stegemiller

Carolyn M. Upshaw

Dr. Ronald and Shirley Warner

Timothy Yarling

Linda Zeigler

Laurel Ziegler

Empower Results LLC

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Kenneth R. Appel

Jill Eder

Michael Alerding

Wilhelm Bilgram

Rozelle Boyd

Jerrold Bridges

Ray O. Burger

J. Robert Cutter

James and Mary Divita

Weber Donaldson Jr. Trust

Mid-America Elevator

Ronald and Veronica Fritz

Jim and Jan Funk

James Glass

Darrell Gossett

Brian Griesemer

Eleanor M. Harle

Jon M. Igelmann

Keith and Marianne Isaacs

Jerry Kemna

Michael O. Khalil

Norbert and Katherine Krapf

Erik Johnson

Kristiel Hill

Kyle and Sally Lanham

Rosalind B. McCart

Mid-America Sound Corp

Mr. Ice of Indianapolis

Timothy S. Needler

John Peterson

Rich Rardin

John and Charlotte Schild

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schnute

Sven Schumacher

Gene Sease

John Seest

James and Janice Seidensticker

Joseph Shierling

James Sparks

Theodore Sputh

Coila Stevens

Patricia Vanvaler

Barbara J. Vargo

John and Lena Walker

Walker Family Gift Fund

William Waldschmidt

Phillip Watts

Robert Whitman

Margaret Winter

Brantley and Lorene Wright

Jungclaus-Campbell Co., Inc.

$500-999 Donors

Philip Burck

Lilly US Matching Grants

Roan Family

DeFur Voran LLP

Andreas Horton

Hunt Construction Group

Eric Hursh

Jack Leicht

Ruth Reichmann

James and Lucinda Sparks

Cassie Stockamp

HJ Spier Co

Faerber’s Bee Windows


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Trudy Banta

Elaine and Eric Bedel

Brad Boyd

Terri Czajka

Gregory Hahn

Daniel Chase Jacobs

Heinz and Karen Roesch

Charles and Janet McCormicj

RJE Business Interiors

Richard and Susan VanFrank

Steve Wagman and Karlea Cody



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Bose, McKinney and Evans

Connor and Company

National Bank of Indianapolis

Griffith Family Foundation, Inc.


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Marian, Inc.

Gregory Henneke and Martha O’Connor


$10,000 and up Donors

Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Frank and Katrina Basile

Frenzel Family Trust

Lilly Endowment


Alt 103.3


Chris Bucher Photographs

Cunningham Group

Heinz Construction

Hirons & Company

Indianapolis Monthly

Marks Vaccum and Janitorial

Monarch Beverage

Phanomen Design

Rathskeller Restaurant

Sherwin Williams

Steinz Group

Sun King Brewery











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In memory of Arthur Wolf: August M. Hardee II

In memory of Karl and Barbara Zimmer: Sarah Barney


In honor of the Germans: Anne W. LaPorte

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In honor of Cassie Stockamp: Deborah Lawrence

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In honor of Edgar Lee Yeager: Charles E. Yeager